Our success depends on your support. Thriving osprey, common loon and peregrine falcon populations, protecting critical habitats, teaching youngsters about wildlife, and preserving seeds of regionally rare plants are a few of the successes achieved through donations. Here’s how you can show your support.

Nongame Wildlife Fund

The Nongame Wildlife Fund helps protect and restore Vermont’s endangered wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

Vermont Habitat Stamp

Funds raised from sales of Vermont Habitat Stamps go to the Species and Habitat Conservation Fund and is used to purchase and manage wildlife habitat in Vermont.

Conservation License Plate

Purchasing a conservation plate supports efforts to protect endangered wildlife and keep Vermont watersheds healthy.

Conservation Camp Endowment Fund

This fund supports enhancements to the department’s two residential wildlife educational facilities.

Migratory Waterfowl Fund

This fund helps purchase and improve wetland habitats.

Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund

The Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund supports the department’s efforts to conserve the state’s fish and wildlife resources for all Vermonters.

Vermont's Land and Facilities Trust Fund