Any person 50 years or older may use a crossbow during any season when the use of bow and arrow is permitted.
  • Crossbow disability permits are required for those 49 years and younger.
  • Includes archery deer, archery turkey and archery moose seasons.
  • Can be used during the entire archery deer season, including December archery.


Bowhunter education is required of all first-time archery deer license buyers, regardless of age.  The bowhunter education course is also required to hunt moose or turkey with a bow or crossbow.  

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A person, 49 years and younger may be eligible to receive a disability crossbow permit. If you think you qualify, have your doctor fill out the application form. Once complete, contact your local warden and he or she will arrange a meeting to review the form with you and, if you qualify, issue the permit.


  • Only uncocked crossbows may be transported in motor vehicles.
  • Be sure to review crossbow safety even if you have taken bowhunter education. 

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