This 134-page guide is intended to assist you as a landowner to manage your land to benefit wildlife in tandem with other management goals you might have, such as for timber or hiking trails; many of these goals are compatible, if not complementary. Whether you are a landowner, forester, biologist, or other land manager, this guide will help you understand how to recognize various wildlife habitats and how to manage them for the future, for many generations of Vermonters yet to come.

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Paperback, © 2014, 134 pages, 11"x9"
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This 162-page guide is designed to help Vermonters and visitors experience the richness of the wildlife resources of our beautiful landscape. It features detailed colored maps of each Wildlife Management Area with UTM coordinates, plus a general description, a brief history of the land and its acquisition, habitat features, and what common fish and wildlife you may see while visiting the area.

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The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is pleased to announce the publication of a new field guide, Fishes of Vermont, the only comprehensive handbook for identifying fishes across the state. This field guide offers fascinating natural history accounts of our 92 fish species. From mountain trout streams to the waters of Lake Champlain and the Connecticut River, this valuable resource covers all the drainages and aquatic habitats of the state. Fishes of Vermont is written for anglers, naturalists, biologists, and anyone interested in fishes and Vermont's natural resources.

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This book describes the eight biophysical regions and the 80 natural community types recognized in Vermont. Published by The Nature Conservancy and Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, distributed by University Press of New England.

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The full reference is: Wetland, Woodland, Wildland: A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont. E.H. Thompson and E.R.Sorenson. 2000 and 2005.
ISBN 1-58465-077-X



The 38-page guidebook was produced to help baitfish dealers and anglers identify the species of baitfish that are legal to use for fishing in Vermont. A new regulation, developed in 2003 in consultation with Vermont baitfish dealers, was passed which places controls on the importation and use of baitfish to help prevent the introduction and spread of harmful exotic species.

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