The Outreach Division has three major programs, Information and Marketing, Conservation Education, and Hunter Education & Shooting Ranges.

outreach staff at a display boothStaff within the division interact with the public on a daily basis and provide publications, website and social media, and information on fish and wildlife programs and laws. They also conduct statewide educational programs and special events that reach thousands of Vermont children and adults annually.

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Director of Public Affairs: Susan Warner

Information and Marketing 802-828-1000

Creating media and outreach materials, including press releases, the annual Fish & Wildlife Regulations, website, Facebook, as well as television and radio promotions, the Information & Marketing team interacts with the public and provides support to staff throughout the department on communications planning and key messages.

Outreach Coordinator: Lilla Stutz-Lumbra
Information Specialist: Tom Rogers
Information Technology: Jeff Kahn
Information Assistant: Charlee Drury

Conservation Education 802-828-1460

Charged with coordinating the aquatic resource and wildlife education, the Conservation Education program oversees programs for formal and non-formal educators, youth, and the general public.

Education Coordinator: Ali Thomas
Education Registrar: Janet Finn

Hunter Education & Shooting Ranges 802-828-1193

Approximately 4,000 students annually are trained to be safe, responsible firearms users as required by law through hunter safety courses across the state. A mandatory trapper education program and a mandatory bowhunter education program are also administered through Hunter Education. Any person wishing to enter one of the three educational courses may contact the Hunter Education Program at 828-1193 or email

This program also develops and maintains publically accessible shooting ranges across the state.

Hunter Training Coordinator: John Pellegrini
Information and Education Specialist: Nicole Meier
Shooting Range Technician: Daneil Pieterse