The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has more than 130 staff members working out of seven offices and five fish culture facilities. We include biologists, game wardens, educational coordinators and support staff. Our job duties include such things as:

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The department's mission is "the conservation of fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats for the people of Vermont." Other challenges include providing quality fish and wildlife-based recreation and reaching Vermonters with the best possible information about these resources.


The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has a history that extends back to 1866 when the Legislature appointed a Board of Fish Commissioners. A decade later this Board was given authority over game birds and mammals, and in 1892 the Board of Fish Commissioners was renamed the Fish and Game Commission.

These actions were the culmination of increasing public concern about fish, wildlife and their habitats. Since the state's settlement, many species had declined in abundance because of unrestricted harvests, poorly enforced laws and habitat loss. By the 1850s only 25 percent of Vermont was covered by forest due to extensive land clearing for farming. Today, almost 80 percent of the state is covered by forest, and many wildlife species have been restored.

Even though the initial focus was on game fish and animals and associated recreation, department personnel have always had a commitment to all fish and wildlife species. This was formally recognized in 1983 when the department's name was changed from Fish and Game to Fish and "Wildlife."

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The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is one of three departments in the Agency of Natural Resources. Our $20 million (annual budget) is funded by three major sources: user-based fees such as licenses, excise taxes on gasoline and on hunting and fishing equipment, and state general funds.

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