Young Vermont hunters take to the field statewide during the annual youth deer weekend in November just prior to the opening weekend of Regular Firearm Season. To participate, you must be 15 years old or younger on the weekend of the hunt and have successfully completed a hunter education course.

License Requirement

Youth with Deer

You must hold a valid hunting license, and be accompanied by an unarmed adult who holds a valid Vermont hunting license and is over 18 years of age.

You must also obtain a free youth deer hunting tag.

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One deer of either-sex.

Need to Know

  • The accompanying adult must have direct control and supervision, including the ability to see and communicate with the youth hunter without the aid of artificial devices such as radios or binoculars.
  • Landowner permission is required to hunt on private land, even if it is not posted.
  • No antler restrictions.
  • This deer counts towards season deer limit of three.


See Vermont Fish & Wildlife Regulations for specific rules about deer hunting.

Nice to Know

  • Deer are still concentrated near food sources. Target apples, corn and green fields, as well as oaks and beech in good mast years.​

  • Biological Reporting Stations

    Several of the Big Game Reporting Stations will have department personnel collecting biological information about the deer harvest for youth weekend. This is a great opportunity to get your deer weighed, aged and examined by a state wildlife biologist. Plus, you will be directly contributing to deer management in Vermont.

    Along with having your deer examined and aged by a biologist, youth hunters visiting a biological reporting station will receive a youth hunter participation patch. Successful youth hunters will also receive a 2015 Vermont Hunter Cooperator Patch.

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